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Our entire recruitment and selection process is determined solely by your needs.

This could include any combination of the following requirements:

  • Specific advertising in leading journals
  • Detailed screening of all curriculum vitae to ensure quality shortlist
  • In depth interview and assessment techniques to identify true and realistic potential
  • Database search facility for an immediate response
  • Networking or executive search for more unique requirements
  • Salary surveys to ensure competitive and realistic results
  • Full reference checking
  • A service covering all your UK requirements from a single point of contact

The above features of our service are designed to provide the highest quality candidates for your position. This will free you from the more time consuming elements of the recruitment process.

Please feel free to send us details of your vacancies by using the form below to attach a word document or similar.

I have known Richard Allen for over 14 years and have dealt with Hayden Nash Consultants since 1995 and more so in later years in my capacity as Specification Sales Director. Over these years Richard has assisted us in finding high calibre marketing, technical and sales staff on many occasions throughout the UK I have always found his working methods highly professional and ethical and would have no problem in recommending the recruitment services he offers to anyone within the lighting and electrical sectors.